Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday October 13, 2010

Transition week...
We are moving forward from Hamlet to colonial literature.
Vocabulary 3 is due next Monday. See below if you loose your hardcopy.
Wednesday in class is PSATs
Thursday: Ms. Kazer is reviewing the Shakesperian sonnet with you.
Friday is the Reduced Shakespeare company.

Vocabulary 3 definitions

1. articulate – verb – to pronounce distinctly; to express will in words; pronounce; elucidate;
- adj- (note different syllabic stress)- synonym= eloquent

2. cavort – verb – to romp or prance around exuberantly; gambol

3. credence – noun – belief, mental acceptance; trust; credence

4. decry – verb – to condemn, express strong disapproval; to officially depreciate; denounce; censure; devalue

5. dissemble –verb- to disguise or conceal; deliberately give a false impression; dissimulate; mask; feign

6. distraught – adj – very much agitated or upset as the result of emotion or mental conflict; frantic; distracted

7. eulogy –noun – a formal statement of commendation or high praise; panegyric, encomium, tribute, testimonial

8. evince -verb- to display clearly, to make evident, to provoke; exhibit, manifest, occasion

9. exhume – verb- to remove from a grave; to bring to light; disinter, unearth, uncover

10. feckless – adj –lacking in spirit and strength; feeble, incompetent, helpless, weak, unreliable

11. murky – adj- dark and gloomy, obscure, lacking in clarity and precision; dim, cloudy, obscure

12. nefarious – adj- wicked, depraved, devoid or moral standards; iniquitous, reprehensible

13. piquant – adj –stimulating to the taste or mind; spicy, pungent, appealingly provocative; tangy; zestful

14. primordial – adj – developed or created at the very beginning, going back to the most ancient times or early
stages; original, primeval, primal

15.propinquity- noun – nearness in place or time; kinship; propinquity; similarity

16. unwonted –adj – not usual or expected; not in character; unusual, uncommon, unexpected, atypical

17. utopian –adj – founded upon or involving a visionary view of an ideal world; impractical; idealistic

18. verbiage –noun – language that is too wordy or inflated in proportion to the sense or context; verbosity, prolixity,
diction, jargon

19. verdant –adj – green in tint or color; immature in experience or judgment; artless, na├»ve

20. viscous – adj – having a gelatinous or gluey quality; lacking in easy movement or fluidity, gummy, sticky, thick

Vocabulary 3, exercise 1 Use the correct form!
1. The _________________________________ of the two cities has created a greater metropolitan area that is in
effect one city.
2. The crowd did not _______________________ any signs of panic but moved in an orderly fashion to the nearest
3. The varnish left a _________________________ residue on the wood that was hard to remove.

4. The workforce became ________________________ in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash.

5. Few people can ____________________________their emotions during times of stress.

6. Many visitors have claimed to see a mysterious creature in the ______________________ waters of Loch Ness in
7. The ____________________________ stages of most civilizations are founded on common needs met by common
8. The actors in the musical _______________________ around the stage.

9. The young man was unable to _______________________ his feelings and admitted to having committed the
10. The contract was full of meaningless _____________________ that seemed designed to confuse the lay person.

11. A number of American religious groups like the Shakers have built separate communities based on ______________________ schemes.

12. Brutus and Cassius hatched a _______________________plot to assassinate Julius Caesar on the steps of the
Roman Senate.

13. The listless student answered with ________________________ spirit when the subject of military tactics was

14. Every arm of government and every educational institution should _____________________ bigotry in all its
15. The tourists on safari traveled over the ______________________ grasslands of Kenya in search of native
16. Although a ______________________________ youth, he eventually matured into a hard-working and
responsible citizen.
17. The best friend and longtime law partner of the deceased delivered the _________________ at the funeral.

18. The chef was an expert in making those _____________________ dishes that are characteristic of South Indian
19. Suspecting foul play, the coroner issued an order to _________________________ the body immediately.

20. The government and the public failed to give _______________________ to the reports of an impending water shortage.

Vocabulary 3, exercise 2; Use the correct form!
1. The assembly speaker couldn’t be understood because he mumble his words instead of _____________________________ them clearly.
2. For as far as the eye could see, ______________________ fields of unripe corn swayed gently in the morning breeze.
3. An educated citizenry will not give ________________________ to wild charges of extremists seeking to undermine our political and economic system.
4. How could we draw any clear ideas from a talk that was so disorganized, confused in language and generally ____________________.
5. Sadly, the _______________________ schemes of high-minded idealists usually founder on the rocks of practical realities.
6. Such spices as red pepper make many of the sauces used in Cajun cooking delightfully _______________________________.
7. I believe there is an overall design to the universe that has been visible ever since the first thing crawled out of the ______________________ ooze.
8. In the hands of our hopelessly __________________________ producer, what should have been a surefire hit turned into a resounding fiasco.
9. When new evidence turned up in the case, the court ordered the coroner to __________________________ the victim’s body and reexamine it.
10. Though diesel fuels are not as thick as motor oil, they are a good deal more _______________________ than regular gasoline.
11. Though I prefer to be as open and aboveboard as possible, I have learned that it is wiser or more tactful to __________________________.
12. When Bill was told that he had made the varsity wrestling team, he began to _______________________ around the gym like a young colt.
13. The NCAA has in recent years cracked down hard on such _______________________________practices as “shaving points.”
14. He clothes his puny ideas in such highfalutin _________________________that they resemble gnats in top hats and tails.
15. The new chairman _____________________________ what she called the “deplorable tendency of so many Americans to try to get something for nothing.”
16. Even at an early age, my sister ____________________________ a strong interest in studying medicine.
17. When news of the school fire ran through town, _______________________ parents rushed to the scene of the blaze.
18. Every Memorial Day, the Mayor delivers a(n) ________________________ extolling the selfless devotion of those who have died in the defense of their country.
19. Since my apartment is in such close ____________________________ to my office, I usually walk to work.
20. I have always regarded the man as something of a daredevil, but on this occasion he approached the problem with ________________________ caution.

Vocabulary 3, exercise 3
1. did exhibit true remorse _____________________________________
2. primeval history ________________________________
3. burdened by unnecessary verbosity ______________________________________
4. a very tangy salad dressing _____________________________________
5. distinguished by uncommon courtesy ___________________________________
6. full of idealistic plans ___________________________________
7. the iniquitous traitor and spy _______________________________________
8. a slightly gummy coating of wax __________________________________
9. gamboled in the wading pool _________________________________
10. tried to dissimulate when confronted __________________________________
11. uncovered the buried treasure __________________________________
12. feared for the helpless child _________________________________
13. an unwelcomed proximity ________________________________
14. tried to calm the frantic parents ________________________________
15. could not make out the unclear images _________________________________


16. watered the arid lawn ________________________________
17. managed to mumble a quick response _______________________________
18. rose to commend the new regime ______________________________
19. published her lengthy diatribe ______________________________
20. treated the idea with skepticism ________________________________

Vocabulary 3, exercise 4
1. Far from being unpleasant, her slight foreign accent added an extra dash of spice to her already (primordial, piquant) personality.
2. Trying to read your (viscous, utopian) prose is just like trying to swim upstream through custard.
3. An accomplished hypocrite usually finds it very easy to (dissemble, decry) his true feelings as circumstances dictate.
4. The new mayor is a curious mixture of hardheaded pragmatist and the (utopian, murky) reformer.
5. The book has an interesting plot, but the author has practically smothered it in endless (verbiage, eulogy).
6. Though the work hadn’t seen the light of day for over a century, a daring impresario (cavorted, exhumed) and staged it to great public acclaim.
7. Not surprisingly, the address was notably evenhanded affair in which the speaker cleverly mixed (eulogy, verbiage) with admonition.
8. The investigating committee (decried, dissembled) the use of substandard materials and slovenly workmanship in the housing project.
9. One of the duties of the president is to (cavort, articulate) the policies and programs of his administration in a forceful and convincing way.
10. The United States is cooperating with the other nations in an effort to check the (feckless, nefarious) trade in narcotics.
11. (Exhumed, distraught) with grief, they sat motionless for hours, staring blankly into space.
12. The extraordinary musical talents of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (evinced, dissembled) themselves at an amazingly early age.
13. Despite the reports of “miraculous” cures, you would be well advised to withhold (verbiage, credence) until the drug has been fully tested.
14. The behavior of armies in war time often evinces the (murky, primordial) blood lust that civilized people have not yet overcome.
15. When life was easy, he was all dash and confidence, but in times of trouble his essentially (piquant, feckless) character comes to the fore.
16. The (credence, propinquity) of our ideas on handling the problem made it very easy for my colleague and me to produce the report in record time.
17. From the bridge, the rescue team could just make out the blurred image of a car beneath the (murky, unwonted) waters of the river.
18. Unfortunately, the (nefarious, verdant) hopes and aspirations of my youth have been somewhat blighted by the icy blasts of reality.
19.From the deck of out luxury liner, we occasionally caught sight of schools of porpoises (cavorting, evincing) playfully in the waves.
20. His (viscous, unwonted) interest in the state of my finances strengthened my suspicions that he was about to ask for a loan.

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